Medical Shelving Systems

Simplastics Medical has a large selection of chrome wire shelving systems to be used in your Healthcare facility.  Our medical shelving solutions are manufactured to meet the highest standards and they provide you with a combination of industrial strength and economic pricing, making them the perfect healthcare shelving solution available.

Hospitals and doctor’s offices all have different amounts of space available that they want to fill with wire shelving.  This is why Simplastics Medical offers you so many different size choices to choose from.  The heights of our medical shelving systems are either 54″ high, 63″ high, 74″ high or 86″ high and all have the ability to be put on mobile kits.  The individual shelves can be adjusted to make the spaces between them larger or smaller, based on your specific needs.  All of our medical shelving solutions are rust resistant, easy to clean & useful in areas where fire prevention is critical, since it doesn’t block the flow of water.

You can also purchase medical shelving systems with medical storage bins.  This allows you to get your storage bins off of the ground and neatly onto a shelf.  You can then simply wheel the shelving unit from room to room, or ward to ward, and easily transport necessary supplies to other areas of your facility.  There are a number of complete shelving and bin packages that are available.  You can get shelves with stacking medical bins, shelving with non-stacking bins, shelves with grid boxes or just purchase the shelves and bins individually.

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Healthcare facilities need to keep the items on their shelves clean and free of dust and contaminants.  Make sure to get some wire shelf covers for your shelving units.  Our shelving covers are made to order so there is no size we can’t make.  They are available in clear or blue and with either velcro or a zipper.

  63″ Nylon Covers
  74″ Nylon Covers
63″ Vinyl Covers
74″ Vinyl Covers

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