Medical Storage Bins and Containers

Simplastics Medical has a large selection of Medical Bins that are perfect for organizing your facility. From Stackable Bins to Patient Drawers, we've got the best solutions for you. Choose from Clear Medical Bins or Colored Medical Storage Bins to color code your supplies. Click this picture to learn more...

Wire Shelving Units and Systems

Wire Shelving Units are critical for supply storage and inventory management in Healthcare facilities. Select from Shelving Units with Storage Bins or without. Click this picture to learn more...

Clear Tip Out Bins and TiltView Bins

Tip Out Bins have clear cups that tilt outwards at a 90 degree angle. These are perfect for storing inventory of all sizes and keeping an eye on inventory. Click this picture to learn more...

Medical Storage Bins

Medical Bins and Storage Containers are perfect for Healthcare settings. Medical Bins help healthcare facilities store, transport, protect and save time. Color code your inventory!

Wire Shelving Units & Systems

Create a cleaner, more organized environment and reduce lost inventory with Medical Wire Shelving Systems. You can get these with or without Medical Storage Bins.

Medical Tip Out Bins

Tip Out Bins offer healthcare professionals an efficient, space saving storage system that is perfect for storing inventories and supplies of all different kinds.
Simplastics® Medical is the #1 resource on the web for healthcare storage solutions, ideas, advice and products. Our Medical Storage Solutions and Ideas are being used in numerous hospitals throughout the country. Purchase Medical Storage Bins Here.